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Organizations or individuals that are desirous to sell on our website are all free to sell except that they must must fulfil certain trade obligations that we usually want.

Membership is open to foreign and Nigerian based manufacturers, authorised manufacturers’ representatives, dealers, importers and service providers within our operating sectors anywhere.

Interested companies, persons or SMEs must show evidence appropriate trade certificates, taxes and verifiable trade practice for service providers, authorisation with manufacturer or proof of dealership to sell products or lease service in Nigeria, in addition Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) certificate is also mandatory for all importers of own brands.

We INSIST on only quality products and services, meaning that all products and work must come with warranty, instructions of terms of use and in compliance with both International and known national standards where applicable.

Benefits of selling on our platform.

Our platform hellogenergy.com is one of the most visited industrial suppliers in Nigeria hence advantages of working with us exists abundantly.

  • No monthly or annual fees to sell or offer service.
  • First come, first serve – meaning whatever brand or brands you register belongs to you. We do not allow for unnecessary competition and price war.
  • Help provide visibility to reach larger audience.
  • Have your own unique online brand website.
  • Handle upload your products.
  • Handle pick up, delivery, ensure prompt payment and manage returns.
  • As a verified service provider listed on our website, you earn 5% commission on purchases from customers you refer.

We so not charge any fees for registration of products on our online shop

The registration fees will be used to process and verify your office address and confirm other documents with relevant authorities. Fees represent background check on your company activities.

Should you be interested or know someone who might be, kindly fill form below and our personnel will contact you soon.

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