This is the future of warehouse robotics

future of warehouse robotics

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an accelerated change in how work is done and how logistics and supply chain activities occur; it has been pushed to overdrive and brought about forward thinking in process automation, especially in the future of warehouse robotics.

The significant constraints affecting companies after the pandemic include labor shortages, space constraints, and cash flow. More companies are now looking for how to bring a solution to these issues. More companies are providing AMR, which stands for Autonomous Manoeuvrable Robots. We will explore the AMR supplied in the industry and the specific values they are currently creating.

AMR is used in a wide range of industries and on various scales, it is an adaptable solution that offers a technologically advanced option, putting it ahead of many other automated warehouse solutions. For example, consider a warehouse operative will walk over 10 miles per; however, adopting an automated solution like AMR eliminates the need for walking such distance and enables employees to concentrate on increasing efficiency and productivity.

Industry experts have advised that when considering options for an automated warehouse solution, using AMR should be the first consideration. 

As i have mentioned, AMR stands for Autonomous Manoeuvrable Robots. Therefore, it is simply a solution for warehouses and other workplaces. Thus, this solution uses a fleet of robots to transport goods from different positions on your facilities. Lacc conveyors are major installers of AMR in Europe.

We do not consider AMRs as future solutions, but are the reality on the ground today and will continue to shape and drive warehousing solutions tomorrow. Faster, more flexible, more cost-effective, and easier to scale, AMRs’ advantages over traditional, fixed infrastructure are easy to see.

Installing Warehouse Robotics AMR in your warehouse

  • Designed systems to interface easily with a range of management systems including: Warehouse Management System (WMS), Order Management System (OMS), Transportation Management System (TMS) and Yard Management Software (YMS).
  • 24-hour remote monitoring.
  • Easily configured systems.
  • Automatic charging zones.
  • Robotic payloads from 250kg to 1500kg.

Advantages of installing AMR

The many benefits of installing AMR into your warehouse. Installing the specialized automated warehouse solution into your workplace will save you time, reduce labor costs, and can be expanded as you wish.

Saves you time

  • Move the pallets, shelving, or stock without human involvement.
  • Loading and unloading of trucks is more efficient and, therefore quicker.
  • Sequencing movements to ensure maximum efficiency.

Reduces your Labour Costs

  • Robots can work a 24-hour shift, ensuring no breaks are needed.
  • Fewer staff needed for picking products.
  • Fewer forklift or machinery operators are needed.

The technology is scalable & Customizable

  • Allows for automation of more of your warehousing system.
  • Increase speed thus speeding up throughput levels.
  • capacity to scale up and down dependent upon demand.

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