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Who can create account?
Companies and persons of 18 years and above.

How do I create account?
You can create account by signing up using your email and choosing unique password. And you can also sign up with your Facebook and Twitter account, it’s even easier that way. or simply call a team member from Hellog Energy to guide you.

How do I place an order?
First search products or services of your interest, read product description probably. When satisfied, mouse over to buy or make reservation.

How do I confirm my order reservation has been confirmed?
You will get email response of your order confirmation, if your selected product support reservation then be assured our Sales desk will contact you to confirm your order.

How do I check status of my confirmed order?
Once your order has been confirmed, details of how to check progress of your order will be sent to your email or phone number depending on which you prefer.

Buying from Hellogenergy.com

Why would I buy from you?
Buying from hellogenerg.com is simple anywhere, however are you assured the product quality is from a trusted brand? We help you not worry about sub standard products and in addition ensure steady supply whenever it’s needed.

How can company place bulk purchase order?
Companies can open corporate account with us to enjoy benefits of corporate relationship; price, dedicated account manager etc., write us on [email protected] with subject ‘CORPORATE ACCOUNT’

Selling through our website

How can I become a member to sell?
Check Become Our Member to Sell or Offer Service, terms and conditions apply. We welcome to review your application, you can also write us on [email protected]


Am I eligible to offer service?
Yes, only when you know that you have proven and verifiable work experience in your fields. Qualification and membership of professional bodies would also be required in certain service areas. So be certain to present. We also have sister companies that could train and certify you on proven services areas to serve us.

How do I list to my service?
Send us your previous work experience and check to become Our Member to Sell or Offer Service, terms and conditions apply. We welcome to review your application, you can also write us on [email protected]

When you become a member what are the benefits?
We will try to all manner of creative methods not listed here to push and expose your products or services, we will ensure you have exposure to get clients. You get a unique page on our website to share, upload images and photos of your work or accomplish projects. Also you get found by clients and customers more easily, and your service reference number enables you get 5% commission of your referral purchases.

Shipping and Delivery

How do I know my order has been shipped?
Check your email or phone number(Depending which you prefer) for confirmation of shipped order. Immidiately you make a purchase, an email is sent to your provided email and a follow up emails should come to give current status of your order

How do i track my shipped order?
Details of how to track your shipped order will be sent to you(Email or phone)

How do I know my shipping cost?
It’s FREE, and yes it FREE anywhere in Nigeria. However, you will be contact if you live in areas not fully covered by our delivery partners on how best to get your order delivered.

What happens when i shipped order is lost in transit?
We bear full responsibility of shipped order not delivered to customers.

Where do you deliver in Nigeria?
We deliver to most states and cities in Nigeria, however we rely on major transporters to delivery to states and cities outside of our delivery partners coverage areas. In order to ensure cheaper transportation costs, we have inlcuded in our supply chain, third party providers to help deliver products as cheaply as possible. Look our for the best efficient and cheaper means of getting products to you as much as we will suggest. We are all about cutting wastes and costs

How do I get my order when delivery is not extended to my address?
You will be contacted to confirm which of our transporting companies partner is closest to you. It is your responsibility to pick up the item when it arrives.

Do you deliver outside Nigeria?
We have supply chain contacts outside Nigeria, this can be discusssed with our team


How do I make payment?
You can not currently pay with your bank cards – Master, VISA and Verve. We are working on getting all online payments work for us, right now we will prefer a direct bank transfer, store pickup and pay of payment on delivery

Do you offer pay on delivery?
Yes, we believe serious buyers know what they want and trust us to deliver without stress.

Can I pay in installments?
Yes, however this option is currently only available to our corporate account and repeat customers with long purchase history.

Can I pay into your bank account?
Yes, you can choose to pay by bank. Our account details will be shown when you select this option. Only order that payment is confirmed can be shipped.

How do I get refund?
You get full refund for wrongly delivered item and you chose not to continue. Or faulty delivered items and you decide not to get it replaced. And although rarely, you get refund when you paid for an order not in stock.


What is your return policy?
Most item can be returned, check our return policy under terms and conditions.

Do you have non returnable item?
check our terms and conditions and return policy

How do I handle wrongly delivered item?
Send us email or call to notify of your desire and reason for return. Its very fast, and our Sales desk and delivery partners will contact you.

How do I handle faulty item?
You choose to either return and get new item shipped to you at no additional cost or refund.

Do I pay for returning item?
If the reason is on us, you do not pay. Otherwise, some costs may apply.

How long is your return policy valid?
7 days including weekends upon delivery.


What is included in warranty?
All products and services come with warranty, except otherwise stated. Read product description and instruction manuals very well.

How do I claim warranty for item?
Write us or call us to notify. Our Sales desk takes over other arrangements from there.

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