Epocoat road marking paint is a one-component self-drying paint composed of modified chlorinated rubber resin, various color pigments, wear-resistant fillers, additives, and solvents. It is an organic chemical polymer material, and the formed coating is a type of polymer compound. Epocoat road marking, also called line marking or pavement marking, can be applied using various materials and paints dependent on the surface and mark being made. These materials each have different properties, such as anti-skid, reflectivity, longevity, and performance.

According to the Coating Manager, Mr. Kennedy Azonachukwu: “Epocoat road marking paint is the most favored material due to it being hard-wearing and reflective, making it ideal for high traffic roads and highways. Its wide range of colors makes it a great choice for car parks, shipping ports, block parking surfaces, warehouses, and transport yards. It is more environmentally kind than other options and has excellent safety properties,”

Epocoat line or road marking paint is available in permanent or semi-permanent bold color pigments providing vibrant and highly visible marks that do not fade from their original color.

Benefits of Epocoat 410 Road Marking Paint

  • Epocoat road marking paint has a hard film, good color retention, superior weather resistance, fast drying performance, high adhesion, and excellent wear resistance.
  • Epocoat road marking paint is applied hot, cools into a line, and can be colored to specifications by adding pigments. Epocoat road marking paint is also perfect for touching up previous road markings which may have faded or need added reflective properties.
  • Using Epocoat road markings is the improvement to road safety that comes with them. We can make epocoat markings paint to be highly reflective, making them much easier to see at night or in bad weather conditions where visibility is poor.
  • We can lay epocoat markings paint thicker, and built-up layers of the paint are used to create rumble strips which provide drivers with physical feedback in the form of noticeable vibration and audible rumbling noise: this helps raise awareness of upcoming danger spots and warns drivers to watch their speed, resulting in less frequent collisions and accidents.
  • The strength and durability of thermoplastic materials offer essential benefits to the road marking infrastructure. Epocoat 410 road marking paint can be used on any road or car park, and applying extra surface glass particles increases skid resistance. The long lifespan of these markings means a more cost-effective way of implementing road markings due to less frequent maintenance or replacement.

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Hellog Energy is a distributor of Epocoat floor and road marking paint in Nigeria

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